You may be wondering what kind of tools you will need for you Cricut Explore Air 2. Read on to see which tools are the best and how much they cost. Cricut Essential Tool Set in mint
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If you have been following along on my Cricut posts, I have been answering some frequently asked questions people have about Cricut. I talked about what you can do with the Cricut HERE and how it works HERE.

Now you may be wondering-

What kinds of tools do I need for my Cricut Explore Air 2?

Great question! As you start creating more projects with your Cricut, you will find that you will want tools to make your life easier. The Cricut Essential Tool Set comes with 7 different tools (plus a scoring blade and extra replacement blade for your portable trimmer). It’s available in mint (pictured), blue or rose. It retails for $49.99. I love how you can get a set that matches your machine.

Cricut Essential Tool Set Mint

  1. Scraper Tool– The scraper tool cleans and removes unwanted scraps from your cutting mat. This is so helpful when you have very intricate cuttings and have a million little pieces stuck to your mat. I also like to use it to smooth out my vinyl when placing it.
  2. Tweezers– These feature a reverse grip and are awesome for getting those tiny little pieces up.
  3. Scissors–  I really love these scissors because they are the perfect size for cutting, are super sharp and feature a micro tip and blade cover.
  4. Spatula– The spatula is helpful for lifting images off the cutting mat. I use it a lot when I have intricate cuts and don’t want to risk tearing my image.
  5. Scoring Stylus– The stylus is used to produce neat fold lines. Its placed in the A slot of your machine.
  6.  Weeder– This tool is so important when you are trying to remove tiny cuts. I find I always need it when I do any sort of text. You never realize how tiny those pieces are in letters like “e”.
  7. Portable Trimmer– I love this for getting accurate straight lines. The tool set also comes with a replacement blade and a scoring blade.

Cricut Machine Mint Tool Set

Another really nice accessory to have for your tools is the Cricut Accessory Pouch. You can keep all your tools together and handy because the pouch folds over and stands up. Then when you are done using them, you can store them away by zipping them up. These pouches com in rose (pictured), mint or blue.

Cricut Essential Tool Set Kit In Toll Pouch

Another tool set that is nice to have is the Paper Crafting Set. Right now it’s on sale for $14.99 (normally $24.99) This kit is great if you make a lot of paper crafts.  I love the edge distresser and the quilling tool to make tight spirals.

I hope that helped answer your questions about what tools you need with your Cricut Explore Air 2. Let me know if you have any other ones!


Wondering what types of tools you will need for you Cricut Explore Air? This post explains the tools and cost.

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