Wondering what Cricut tools you need? If you are a new Cricut owner, this list will help you decide what tools and accessories are essential!

Essential Cricut tools and accessories for your new machine This post contains affiliate links. This means if you make a purchase through my links, I’ll receive a small portion of your purchase at no extra cost to you.

When I was first learning to use my Cricut there were so many things I didn’t know about. A tool set? You need one of those? Well yes, if you want to make your projects so much easier! I wasn’t even sure how to use transfer tape at first, to be completely honest. Once I started using different tools, I found out just how essential they were to making projects.

As a member of the Cricut blog team, I wrote an entire post about different tools and accessories you will want to consider buying as a companion to your machine. You can read the entire post HERE.

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Essential Tool Kit

Some of my favorites from the post are the Essential Tool Set and the Cricut EasyPress.

The Essential Tool Set is a great deal because it bundles all the tools into a set for a great price. I love the trimmer to give my materials a perfectly straight edge. This makes it much easier for me to keep my scraps neat and organized, and line up my materials on the mat. The spatula is perfect to lift delicate projects off the mat. I can’t tell you how many intricate cuts I tore before I started using it. Also, I love the scraper to clean my mat and help my transfer tape to adhere.

Cricut EasyPress

The Cricut EasyPress is just plain awesome!  I was really intimidated about using iron-on at first. But I quickly found it was one of my favorite materials to work with. When Cricut released the EasyPress just a few months ago, I was so excited. Instead of my old iron that wasn’t the best for pressing my iron-on materials, I had a great alternative that provided consistent heat. I love how easy it is to select the temperature and time for different kinds of iron-on and how quickly the EasyPress heats up. I also love that it’s not huge and doesn’t take up the space of a traditional heat press.

I hope my post on the Cricut blog will help you decide on some of the best accessories and tools you will need for your Cricut.

Also, if you are new and looking for some help with Design Space, I have this post about tips and tricks for using Design Space. If you have any other questions, let me know in the comments below.

Learn what essential Cricut accessories and tools you need.  Some of my favorites and what I use them for.


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