I was excited about yard sales this weekend because we finally had some nice weather. The last few weeks had been lacking because of rain but there was quite a few this Saturday.

One of my favorite things to hit up are fundraiser yard sales because that means lots more people and lots more things to choose from. There are usually two types of fundraiser sales, one where people donate items and other people sell them, or like the one I went to on Saturday, a fundraiser where everyone is selling their own stuff. I prefer the former, because typically you will get better prices when people sell donated items because they aren’t attached to them. When someone is selling their favorite dress that doesn’t fit anymore they tend to ask more than someone who is selling some old dress someone donated.

A good tip is to search your local online ads, Craigslist for example ( I use ksl.com classifieds, a Utah website) for fundraiser sales. I typically search for “fundraiser”, “multi-family”, “neighborhood”, or “community”. These are going to have the most items to choose from. Most everyone will advertise their sale as “huge” or “biggest yard sale” and you show up and its tiny.  So going with group sales is usually a better bet.

Here are a couple of the deals I picked up this weekend. I found a cute pair of Nike shoes for $2 bucks that looked like they had hardly been worn. I don’t usually buy shoes from sales, but really these look like were worn once or twice so they will make some great Zumba shoes.  I got a 2 gallon water dispenser for $1, an antique milk can for $10 and some cute baby girl clothes for 50 cents each.  The milk can was a random item, but they usually sell for more, so I may flip it. I really like vintage-y, different items.  I also like to buy things that I can enjoy for a little while and then if I don’t like it or they don’t work out with my decor, I can turn around and sell it for either what I paid or a profit.YardSaleSaturdayMay31

I had been looking for a large basket to put the kids shoes in and found one for $5, and this cute little Mickey Mouse soap dispenser for 50 cents for the kids bathroom.YardSaleSaturdayMay30I also found some dvd’s for 50 cents each (Madagascar & Thomas the Train), a Halloween wreath for 50 cents that I think I will rework, and an Igloo water cooler for $1 to use for camping. It was a pretty fun Saturday!


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