I had a pretty fun Saturday morning. It was kind of rainy again though, so some of the community sales that I thought may be bigger did not have as good a turn out.
One of the best yard sale tips I have is to start early in the morning (I know I hate that too, I like to sleep in but with two early risers in my home that doesn’t happen much anymore.) I look online the night before and take pictures on my phone of the ads of the yard sales I want to check out. I also check the addresses on google maps so I have an idea of which ones are closest and where I want to go to first and in which order.  After you have been yard-saling for a while you will get to know your area better and which areas typically don’t have the best yard sales. For example I have gone to yard sales in retirement communities and there’s nothing I really need there. I find better deals in areas with more families because I am looking for more kids items.
Here are a couple of my finds this week. Two gumball machines and a another water dispenser. It’s kind of funny that I bought one last week because I haven’t seen them before. This one was also $1 and I liked the beehive shape. The gumball machines were $5 and $3. I bought them because I knew right away I could flip them. I sold them the same day for $40.
Some yard sale finds. Check out tips for yard sales at everyday jenny.com

Now comes the next question I’m sure you have, how do you know what you can flip?

Here’s my advice. Stick with what you know. I flip a lot children’s/baby items, because I have kids right now and so I know their price range. So when I see kid’s items and know they are a good deal I will buy them and resell them. I also follow quite a few yard sale sites on Facebook and as I browse I will take mental notes of what items are selling for so when I see things at yard sales I know if they are good to flip. In the case of the bubble gum machines I had seen those sell fast before and ironically about 20 minutes before I posted mine someone sold another one in a few minutes.

Some other things I saw, some cool old vintage windows that were $20, another Ikea shelf, a bench and a cute little tikes car.

Yard sale finds at everyday jenny.com

3 thoughts on “YARD SALE SATURDAY JUNE 6

  1. I was wondering if you were flipping items. I’m a buyer on Ebay and such, but I’ve never sold anything (Hubs has done a few things on KSL). I’m too lazy to sell, we generally just donate to DI rather than having a garage sale either. I bet we could have sold a bunch if we’d taken the time and effort.

    We had a standing gumball machine for a long time … probably gave it to DI at some point 😉

    1. Jen you should try selling sometime! All the work is really in gathering stuff and if you already are going to make a DI run might as well make a few extra dollars 🙂 KSL is nice since it’s local so no hassle with shipping.

  2. I love finding treasures at garage sales. The water dispenser for $1 is awesome! I love the garage sale tips.

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