This cute little plant holder tricycle was given a makeover with my Wagner Home Decor Sprayer.  Read on to see the transformation from rusty to beautiful!
Tricycle BeforeI was given a Wagner paint sprayer in exchange for my post and honest review. All opinions are my own. 

I love to upcycle furniture and garage sale finds. I have painted quite a bit of furniture by hand which can be very tedious and time consuming. One of my last projects was this cute Jenny Lind bed I got for my daughter’s room. I spent a long time hand painting all those spindles. How I wish I had known about the Wagner sprayer before I did that project.

Jenny Lind Bed Before

Jenny Lind Bed After

I first saw the Wagner paint sprayer in action at a conference I attended and I was intrigued. I loved how simple the sprayer was to hook up and use, and I loved that there was very little overspray. I had a few little outdoor pieces that I wanted to give new life too so I was excited to try out the sprayer for myself.

Wagner Home Decor Sprayer

I started with my rusty little tricycle, cleaned it up with a rag and sanded off a little bit of rust. Then I chose some white paint, hooked up my sprayer and painted it in a little under 20 minutes! (And that was with a few interruptions from my kids and my new little puppy.)

Look how darling the little tricycle turned out! With all those curvy pieces it was so nice to be able to easily maneuver the Wagner sprayer and get all those details painted. While I was painting this tricycle I seriously thought back to the Jenny Lind bed and how hard it was to get those spindles painted by hand!  I loved how evenly it sprayed,  that I could adjust the amount of paint and also choose between spraying horizontally, vertically or a spot spray.

I have a few other pieces I am planning to paint so I can add them to my front porch with some fun flowers. For now the tricycle holds some succulents because so far that’s the only plant I’ve managed to keep alive!

Cleaning up the sprayer was also easier than I thought. You simply take off a few of the pieces and clean each of them in soapy water and then allow them to dry. If you are using an oil based paint then you clean up with mineral spirits. After cleaning it all up, my sprayer looks practically brand new again.

If you are looking to buy a paint sprayer, know that Wagner has a few different options. The home decor sprayer is great for smaller objects but it can also do bigger projects like a dresser. Most decorative paints will work in the sprayer, including chalk paint. I love the smooth finish it creates, and that it saves so much time versus hand painting. My one recommendation would be that you get a spray tent if you purchase a sprayer. It makes it much easier to spray your projects and keep your area clean. I set up my projects on my lawn on some drop cloths but really wish I had a spray tent.

Do you have any questions? Let me know if the comments below.

Wagner Home Decor Sprayer Makeover and Review. See how easy this Wagner sprayer is to transform worn out pieces.


  1. I LOVE the bed Aqua bed cover on the Jenny Lindbed!!! Can I ask WHERE I could purchase this item as my is my granddaughters fav color and style! Marvell’s job on the tricycle flower pot as well!!!! Going to order a Wagner sprayer myself as I do all my painting by hand….until I saw this! Thanks so much❣️

    1. Thanks Danette! I hope you enjoy your Wagner sprayer. It definelty makes projects much faster! The bed cover is from Beddys. I believe that style was called Always Enchanting. 🙂

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