I was able to attend a showing of Odysseo by Cavalia in Sandy, Utah. If you have driven on I-15 in Utah at all, then you probably have seen the billboards everywhere! I wondered what the show was about but didn’t quite understand after I visited their website. I went to the show pretty much only knowing that I would be seeing horses.

I attended during social media week so we were given VIP tickets which included a buffet dinner beforehand. There was a lot of different foods to choose from, but much of it was very different than what you typically expect at a buffet unless you are in southern France. Nothing was labeled and the lighting in the tent is dark so some things were hard to figure out what they were. I enjoyed the food and thought the variety was good. Plus, it was nice to have drinks and popcorn for the show and dessert during intermission.

Buffet food at Odysseo by Cavalier

After the buffet we enjoyed the show from front row seats.  Sitting front row was pretty spectacular and I have to warn you that you do get wet during one part of the show. Now, after having seen the show, I understand how it has been called “the most amazing show.” That is how I would describe it in one word-amazing. Its a little hard to explain what the show is exactly, but it’s a mixture of the horses performing, singing, dancing, acrobatics and aeralists. The horses are so beautiful and some of the scenes they set up are serene and peaceful for some parts and wild and action packed for others. I was tense during some of the tricks they performed because they seem so perilous! The performers are truly talented and they work with the horses so well. I loved watching their interactions together. From riding atop two horses in flowing, beautiful costumes, to jumps over poles and graceful aerialists performing after being lifted off the horses. Some of the acts were truly breathtaking.

The show runs for 2 hours with a 30 minute intermission. I felt like the time flew by, I was so engaged with everything going on. All of the seats seem to have a good view of the show, as it’s not that large of an area.  There is $10 parking available close to the tent, but we parked near Dillard’s and walked.  I noticed that the will-call line does get long and there are a lot of people around so I would suggest arriving at least 30 minutes before the show.

Cavalia is running through June 20th, and tickets can be purchased at cavalia.net

Odysseo by Cavalier

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