DIY Ruffle Curtains from a twin sheet

When I found out I was having a little girl, I was so excited to finally do a girly nursery! I found this tutorial for ruffle curtains from a twin sheet, and figured I would give it a try.

A little background on my sewing experience. All my friends senior year in high school thought it would be awesome to take a sewing class that they were offering for the first time. Unfortunately, it was the same time as yearbook, and I really wanted to do yearbook. So I didn’t take that beginning sewing class and I still regret that decision! Yearbook is not worth missing out on sewing. If only I could have told that to my 17 year old self!  So besides watching my mom sew on a machine here and there, I had no sewing experience when I decided to try this curtains. In fact I had just gotten my sewing machine for Christmas (and if you are looking for a good, basic cheap machine I got this Brother machine from Walmart as a Black Friday deal).

The instructions on the tutorial I linked to are great. I worked on the curtains at night for a few hours at a time. My lines weren’t very straight, but I think this is a great project if you are first starting out. The ruffles overlap so you can’t see all my mistakes 🙂 The curtains look great in my little girl’s room, and the best part was that I made them myself for cheap!

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