Wondering how easy it is to create a Make It Now Project in Cricut Design Space? Read on for instructions for this cute felt board 3D flower.
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Cricut Make it Now Projects are awesome if you are looking for a quick project to whip up. I saw this cute Mother’s Day corsage and I thought it would look cute on my felt letter board that my husband gave me for Mother’s Day. Cricut Make It Now Project

I simply selected the project and hit Go, then loaded up my cardstock according to the colors on the screen. It was so easy to cut out. I love that the Make It Now Projects include a list of what materials you will need.


Cricut Make It Now Project Mother's Day Corsage

Cricut Explore Air 2
Pink Cardstock (2 shades)
Yellow Cardstock
Green Cardstock (2 shades)
Glue of your choice

Make It Now Projects don’t have detailed instructions and sometimes I wish they had pictures of the assembly, so I took some of exactly how you put the flower together.

  1. Cut out all your pieces and carefully weed from your paper
  2. Layer your two bottom pieces together and glue. The last piece you cut out is your bottom one.
  3. Glue on your leaves
  4. Glue on the leaf accents. Now your base is done.

The 3D petals can be a little tricky. One has six little tabs that you need to glue to the back and the other one has one tab.

5. Carefully bend up the petals of both of the 10 petal flower shapes
6.  Glue the 6 petal tabs on the back of both small 3 petal flower shapes
7. Glue the one tab on the back of both large 3 petal flower shapes
8. Starting with the large 3 petal flowers, layer the petals ending with the small 3 petal flowers and the yellow stamin.

Okay now this is the best part that I’m so excited I figured out. I remembered when I was younger having felt boards in church that you would stick felt objects to. So I decided to glue some felt to the back of my flower and it worked! It sticks to the felt board, but you can easily move it around! So much fun!

I hope you have fun making your own felt board flowers! Let me know in the comments if you have any questions.

Learn how to make 3D flowers from a Make It Now project in Cricut Design Space with your Cricut Explore Air 2.

Learn how easy it is to create "Make It Now" projects in Cricut Design Space like these cute 3D paper flowers you can put on your letter board. #Cricut #Paperflower #Letterboard

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