Mango chiffon cake with mango chiffon mousse from Biscotts.

*I received a cake in exchange for my  post.


Biscotts Pastry and Chai is Utah’s first chai house located in South Jordan, Utah. I was excited to try their mango chiffon cake at our Christmas Eve party. The cake was very beautiful. Having grown up in Germany it definitely reminded me of European style cakes. The cake had a different texture and was a little less sweet, which was definitely what I remember from cakes I have tried in Europe. I thought it would pair nicely with a warm drink like chai. The mango flavor was really good in it and went perfectly with the fruit.  I haven’t had the opportunity to try anything else from their shop, but many of the pastries they had on display reminded me of Europe. If you are looking for a bakery with unique items, then you should give Biscotts a try.

From the owner-


Biscotts is a global eatery that celebrates great food from across the world offering dine-in, take-out, catering and delivery services.

Biscotts pays tribute to the London style cafes through their concept of Chai and Pastry. Chai is fairly a new concept in the U.S. and they pride themselves in being the first chai house in Utah. Chai along with European inspired pastries makes a dreamy combination and makes it a great alternative to coffee. They brew their own chai with signature spices and offer over 20 varieties of hot and cold chais.

Besides pastry and chai they also offer a light breakfast and lunch menu that is healthy, fresh and flavorful. A variety of oatmeal, brekkie pots and parfaits are part of the breakfast offerings. Lunch and dinner menu comprises of fresh crafted wraps and paninis.

Celebration cakes for all occasions are an important part of Biscotts. Their cakes and pastries are delicate and inspired by the European style patisserie using less sugar and offering more flavors. Fresh fruit topped cakes are a popular offering.

Celebration cakes are available in a 9 inch round (most popular size at $29.99 per cake), 1/4 sheet at $54.99, 1/2 sheet at $74.99 and a full sheet cake at $119.99. All cakes are six layered. Custom cakes pricing varies.

Flavors range from classics like chocolate, strawberry, red velvet, to favorites like butterscotch, black forest, tiramisu to more exotic creations like coffee, mango, pineapple, pistachio and mixed fruit.

A selection of all the celebration cakes are available as individual cake slices in the pastry counter. They are priced at $2.75 per piece.

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