We had a few good finds this weekend. For the little guy he loved this little bike with training wheels and a helmet for $5. He actually spotted it himself. He’s a pretty good little deal finder. I usually give him a few dollars so when we go to sales he can pick out a couple of things. I usually have to check before he makes his purchases because he tends to pick out the same toys. He’s good at negotiations and somehow convinces most people to sell him his tiny finds for one whole quarter. Lets just say we have a lot of bouncy balls at our house. 😉

Yard sale finds at everyday jenny.com

I picked up this cute 20″X20″ canvas for the playroom for $2. Yard sale finds at everyday jenny.com

This was one thing I was really excited about. An Ikea storage cabinet with baskets for only $15! That’s a steal since each basket usually costs around that. I had to pounce on it because I saw someone headed toward it so I immediately asked the seller how much it was and bought it. I actually had a similar one from Target that wasn’t as nice that I had purchased used for $10 and was able to sell for $20.

A good yard sale tip is that when you see something you like make sure you grab it especially if you want to think about it. Otherwise someone else might end up picking it up and you may realize you actually did want it. Also, make sure to ask about things you are interested in right up front instead of waiting or again you might miss a deal.

Found this Ikea shelf for $15. Other yard sale finds at everyday jenny.com

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