I didn’t have a lot of time to yard sale last Saturday because of some prior obligations, but I still managed to hit up the “Best Yard Sale Ever” as evidenced by the sign below. Best Yard Sale Ever everyday jenny.com

I picked up a few things there. These cute little adidas shoes for $1 for the little one and some new shovel sets for 50 cents each. There were actually a bunch of the shovel sets and I was trying to figure out a good idea of what to do with them all. They probably could have made a cute party favor if I had any kids with summer birthdays.Yard sale finds everydayjenny.com

I also bought these little hobnail candle holders in the picture below for $3 and sold them a few days later for $15. The 5’X3′ chevron rug was only $8 and the lady said she had just bought it and it didn’t work at her place.  I also picked up some super cute name brand clothes (mostly Baby Gap, Hurley, Carters) for 50 cents a piece. I had more than what’s pictured but I’ve decided it’s kind of hard to take a picture of lots of clothes. Some of the clothes were fall clothes that were a size bigger and I even got a storage container for 50 cents to store them in. A lot of times people will sell their storage containers if you ask about them and they are handy to store your new items in.  Yard sale finds everydayjenny.com

I went to a yard sale where they really wanted to get rid of their stuff so they were making deals left and right and giving away a lot of their stuff for free. Sometimes you’ll find that people really don’t want to stay out longer (especially if it’s hot!) so they are ready to make deals if you just take their stuff. I got the shop vacuum for free, along with the squirt gun and cute boy shoes. I bought the movies for $2 a piece and sold 8 of them because I had duplicates and knew that the Disney movies would go for more.Yard Sale finds everydayjenny.com

These are some other things I spotted but didn’t buy. These cute gold polka dot and striped mugs were 10 cents apiece. I actually regret not buying them because they probably could have been a cute gift with some hot chocolate. This little vintage kids hutch was $20. One yard sale had a bunch of random new toys for $1 and I also spotted a duck browsing through the yard sales. I wonder if he found anything? Yard sale finds at everydayjenny.comAlso, not from a yard sale but I saw these sweet toys on the side of the road with a big free sign. Love that!yard sale findsDid you go out yard sale-ing this past weekend? Find any good deals?


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