I was selected to host a Tryazon party and was given the new Rhodes microwave cinnamon rolls to try.  I love Rhodes other bread products, and I was excited about the possibility of a 60 second cinnamon roll but also a little skeptical.  After trying them for myself at home I was amazed. Only 60 seconds and you have a delicious, soft, cinnamon roll! They even come with individual packets of cream cheese icing so you can frost your cinnamon roll according to your preference.

These cinnamon rolls would make a great after school treat for kids, or as some of the ladies at my party suggested, they would be great for Halloween trick or treaters with some hot chocolate.  We enjoyed them as a breakfast treat, and everyone commented that it was pretty incredible that you could get a soft, warm cinnamon roll in such a short time.  One person thought that microwaving the roll would make it tough but after she tried it she realized that wasn’t the case.

These cinnamon rolls are found in the freezer section of your grocery store  (I got mine at Smith’s)  along with other great Rhodes bread products. I would recommend keeping a bag of them in your freezer so you can have a quick cinnamon roll anytime the craving hits!



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