I was able to attend opening night of OVO at the Maverick Center and it was amazing! I have never been to a Cirque Du Soleil show before so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I loved the costumes, music and most importantly the awesome performances.  I opted not to bring my little ones, and I’m glad because I don’t think they would have been as entertained as we were because they don’t understand all the talent and skill the performances require. I thought the whole show was very engaging. My husband and I agreed that we loved everything, except for the bugs who acted as clowns to give the other performers time to set up. Sometimes they were funny, but other times you just really wanted the next act to begin.

Here are some of my favorite acts:

OVO Creatura


The Creatura was so crazy fun to watch and try to figure out how someone was in the costume. His movements were amazing.

Part Slinky, part insect, the Créatura dances to a tune that is all his own. He’s a bendy, twisty knot of stretchy limbs in constant motion.

Artist: James JOHNSON (USA)

TRAMPO WALL ~ Crickets

My favorite act was the trampo wall representing crickets. The jumps were incredible!

This act features a colony of crickets running, jumping, and walking across – and straight up – an 8m vertical wall without artificial support. Air track and trampolines give them the speed, lift and momentum to take flight. Their athletic ability, physical strength and team coordination takes care of the rest.

Artists: Iurii FREIUK (Ukraine), Shaun GREGORY (UK), James JOHNSON (USA), Oleg KUZMIN (Russia), Tagir MURTAZAYEV(Russia), Yakau RAKITSKI (Belarus), Sergyi RYSENKO (Ukraine), Wei-Liang WU (China), Christoffer SOGAARD (Denmark), Jared SHELSTA (Canada), Mikhail KOSTIANOV (Russia)

OVO Spider slackline

SLACKWIRE ~ Male Spider

I always wonder how long people have to practice their acts, and just how they decide they are able to do something. The slackwire act was out of this world!

In a tour-de-force performance a spider defies gravity and physics in a succession of seemingly impossible feats of strength and balance as he traverses a wire that appears to give him no support. At one point he hangs at a 45-degree angle over the ground, some 15 feet below, and he tops that with an upside-down unicycle act. And the wire is in almost- constant motion up and down, adding to the degree of difficulty.

Artist: JIANMING Qiu (China)

I definitely recommend seeing the show the next time they come to town!

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