Looking for a cute, easy project to try out your new Cricut Maker? Look no further! These darling felt succulents are a great first project to use your fabric mat and rotary blade.  (Want to know more about the Cricut Maker? Read the post HERE

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I have been a little obsessed with succulents lately. I have three planters of real succulents that I made for myself at a Mother’s Day activity. They are actually still alive four months later,  which is kind of a first for me in the house plant department. Besides those, I have three fake succulents that I got at Target adorning my kitchen shelves. If that wasn’t enough I also have the cutest little succulent hanger I made at SNAP conference at the Darice Booth. Also at SNAP conference, I made some felt succulents at a class taught by Benzie Designs.  I’m sharing how we learned to glue the succulents from her class. There is also a cute felt succulent garden available as one of the Cricut Make it Now Projects. It’s free when you have Cricut Access. If you have questions about Cricut Access check out my post about it—> HERE.

Supplies: (Click on the words below to purchase) 

Cricut Maker
Pink Fabric Mat
Rotary Blade
Green Felt (8 1/2 X 11)
Stamp ink in blue
Ceramic Pot (3 inch diameter)
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Decorative moss

These succulents are made out of 14 oval shapes. First, insert a circle into Design Space using the Insert Shapes option.

Make sure you have your rotary blade in the tool slot. Secure your felt on your pink fabric mat, load it into the machine and cut it out.

Carefully pull back your excess fabric and you will have perfect felt ovals!

Now you are ready to assemble your succulent. First, stack all your pieces together and use your stamp pad to ink all around the sides.

  1. Take one oval and put a dot of glue in the center  and fold almost all the way in half. (Leave it a little offset, see the picture below.)
  2. Fold both sides in to create a small rosette shape. You will also glue three more oval pieces in half.
  3. Glue one folded oval to the center rosette.
  4. Glue the remaining two ovals until you have a little cabbage-looking shape. This is the base that you will continue to glue the remaining pieces. They will not be folded in half. Just glue clockwise around your center, placing the leaves between each other so they create the succulent shape.

Once your succulent is all glued, you will glue your moss into your little pot and then glue the succulent to the top of the moss. That’s it! You are done and now you have the cutest little felt succulent to decorate your house.

These cute felt succulents are an easy first project to make with your Cricut Maker. Test out your fabric mat and new rotary blade!


    1. Depending on the felt, yes. I’ve heard from others that the solution is to place transfer tape on the back of the felt and then stick it to the mat. I haven’t tried it myself.

      1. That’s amazing. Thank you for the response. I’ve looked at a hundred different tutorials and yours is the only one that doesn’t use a stabilizer.

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