Take those cute Dollar Spot metal mailboxes to the next level with some Cricut vinyl and cardstock!

Unicorn Valentines Mailbox and VW bus Valentines Mailbox. From Target Dollar Spot. Personalized with Cricut.

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When I found these little metal mailboxes at Target, I knew my kids would love picking out a design for them. My little girl ended up deciding on a unicorn, and my little boy wanted a Volkswagen bus mailbox. These were super fast to make and easy to personalize with my Cricut.

Here is a general idea of the materials you will need to make your own depending on how you want to personalize your mailbox. I also used vinyl to cut out their names for the side.

Materials for Personalized Mailboxes:

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VW bus Valentine's Day Mailbox. From Target Dollar Spot. Personalized with Cricut.

I measured my little mailbox and then designed the bus shapes in Cricut Design space for the little VW bus mailbox. I wish I could share the Design Space link, but because I uploaded an image (the VW symbol) I can’t.

I love how easy the software is to use to create custom designs. I was able to make all the shapes I needed quickly and easily. I was worried that Design Space would be complicated to learn, but I was able to figure out the program really quickly and anything I might have questions about I usually can find answers to with a quick Google search. After I made my designs, I cut out the red Cricut vinyl for the bottom, and white for the windows. I then used black cardstock for the wheels.

Unicorn Valentines Mailbox

For the unicorn,  I used some glittery card stock that I rolled into a cone for the horn. I quickly designed the eye lashes in Design Space using some basic shapes and the Slice tool. I also made the ears  with triangles and some cute little heart cut outs. I cut out black and pink cardstock on my Cricut machine. Then I cut up some tissue paper tassels and glued them along the top of the mailbox with hot glue to make a unicorn mane.

Didn’t they turn out darling? I’m excited to make some more Valentine’s Day crafts!

Personalize those dollar spot metal mailboxes with your Cricut and some vinyl and cardstock. So cute and easy! #Cricut #Cricutmade

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