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As you may already know, I love a good deal. Usually every Saturday morning I am out scouting yard sales.  But yard sales only happen on the weekends and during good weather. My other favorite place to get a good deal is at Deseret Industries. Haven’t ever heard of Deseret Industries? Deseret Industries is a thrift and donation store located in many states along the West coast. But not only do they have some of the best deals and give new life to your old goods, they also offer their associates important on-the-job experience and training. If you have items laying around, consider taking them to the Deseret Industries!  So many items in my house have come from Deseret Industries and I don’t think you would ever know it! I have found great quality items,  from home decor, furniture, books, and clothes.

At this time of the year Deseret Industries is the perfect place to look for an inexpensive Halloween costume. Most costumes are priced at $10 or less! Rather then paying so much more at other Halloween stores, you can purchase affordable costumes for your entire family. Plus, they restock their sales floor every day with thousands of new items, so you never know what you will find! I stopped by my local Deseret Industries this last week to scout out some costumes for my family.

Halloween witch costume. Thrifted from Deseret Industries. First, I got this super cute little witch skirt and hat for only $2.50 total!

Most of the Halloween accessories I saw were priced at only .50 cents. There were fairy wings, crowns, all sorts of hats, wigs, and lots of varieties of other accessories  to choose from. Any of them could be the start of a unique costume.  We also picked up a pair of kitty-cat ears for .50 cents because my little girl has been obsessed with all things kitty lately. It’s always nice to have something to add to our dress up box and we found plenty of great deals.  She has gotten into the princess dress up stage and I couldn’t believe the number of princess dresses. We got two for only $4 each and another one for $6. They were all in excellent shape and such a great deal considering these dresses can be upwards of $60 brand new.

Costumes from Deseret Industries. I was excited to find a witch costume for myself. Although witches are pretty common Halloween costumes, I have never dressed up as a witch for Halloween and I was even more excited that this dress was only $8 and the hat was $1.Halloween witch costume thrifted from Deseret Industries.

Picture by @sugarcoatedhousewife

Deseret Industries has a wide variety of pre-made costumes, but your imagination is the only limit. You can put together costumes from their wide selection of other clothing and even household goods!DIY Cupcake Costume from lampshade. Items purchased at Deseret Industries.

I saw a lampshade in the home section and I thought it would make a great cupcake liner for a cupcake costume. I found a white skirt in the women’s section that worked perfectly for the frosting. I removed the inner plastic shade, attached the skirt, and had this cute and simple cupcake costume! Some other costumes I have made in the past included a Halloween skeleton costume. I found a black shirt and sweatpants for a few dollars, then purchased some white felt and cut out the skeleton bones and attached them using fabric glue. Although I love premade costumes, coming up with my own costumes is one of my favorite things!

Do you have a Deseret Industries near you?  You should check our their costume selection and let me know what you find! You can also visit their website at


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