I didn’t have a lot of time to yard sale last Saturday because of some prior obligations, but I still managed to hit up the “Best Yard Sale Ever” as evidenced by the sign below. Best Yard Sale Ever everyday jenny.com

I picked up a few things there. These cute little adidas shoes for $1 for the little one and some new shovel sets for 50 cents each. There were actually a bunch of the shovel sets and I was trying to figure out a good idea of what to do with them all. They probably could have made a cute party favor if I had any kids with summer birthdays.Yard sale finds everydayjenny.com

I also bought these little hobnail candle holders in the picture below for $3 and sold them a few days later for $15. The 5’X3′ chevron rug was only $8 and the lady said she had just bought it and it didn’t work at her place.  I also picked up some super cute name brand clothes (mostly Baby Gap, Hurley, Carters) for 50 cents a piece. I had more than what’s pictured but I’ve decided it’s kind of hard to take a picture of lots of clothes. Some of the clothes were fall clothes that were a size bigger and I even got a storage container for 50 cents to store them in. A lot of times people will sell their storage containers if you ask about them and they are handy to store your new items in.  Yard sale finds everydayjenny.com

I went to a yard sale where they really wanted to get rid of their stuff so they were making deals left and right and giving away a lot of their stuff for free. Sometimes you’ll find that people really don’t want to stay out longer (especially if it’s hot!) so they are ready to make deals if you just take their stuff. I got the shop vacuum for free, along with the squirt gun and cute boy shoes. I bought the movies for $2 a piece and sold 8 of them because I had duplicates and knew that the Disney movies would go for more.Yard Sale finds everydayjenny.com

These are some other things I spotted but didn’t buy. These cute gold polka dot and striped mugs were 10 cents apiece. I actually regret not buying them because they probably could have been a cute gift with some hot chocolate. This little vintage kids hutch was $20. One yard sale had a bunch of random new toys for $1 and I also spotted a duck browsing through the yard sales. I wonder if he found anything? Yard sale finds at everydayjenny.comAlso, not from a yard sale but I saw these sweet toys on the side of the road with a big free sign. Love that!yard sale findsDid you go out yard sale-ing this past weekend? Find any good deals?



I had a pretty fun Saturday morning. It was kind of rainy again though, so some of the community sales that I thought may be bigger did not have as good a turn out.
One of the best yard sale tips I have is to start early in the morning (I know I hate that too, I like to sleep in but with two early risers in my home that doesn’t happen much anymore.) I look online the night before and take pictures on my phone of the ads of the yard sales I want to check out. I also check the addresses on google maps so I have an idea of which ones are closest and where I want to go to first and in which order.  After you have been yard-saling for a while you will get to know your area better and which areas typically don’t have the best yard sales. For example I have gone to yard sales in retirement communities and there’s nothing I really need there. I find better deals in areas with more families because I am looking for more kids items.
Here are a couple of my finds this week. Two gumball machines and a another water dispenser. It’s kind of funny that I bought one last week because I haven’t seen them before. This one was also $1 and I liked the beehive shape. The gumball machines were $5 and $3. I bought them because I knew right away I could flip them. I sold them the same day for $40.
Some yard sale finds. Check out tips for yard sales at everyday jenny.com

Now comes the next question I’m sure you have, how do you know what you can flip?

Here’s my advice. Stick with what you know. I flip a lot children’s/baby items, because I have kids right now and so I know their price range. So when I see kid’s items and know they are a good deal I will buy them and resell them. I also follow quite a few yard sale sites on Facebook and as I browse I will take mental notes of what items are selling for so when I see things at yard sales I know if they are good to flip. In the case of the bubble gum machines I had seen those sell fast before and ironically about 20 minutes before I posted mine someone sold another one in a few minutes.

Some other things I saw, some cool old vintage windows that were $20, another Ikea shelf, a bench and a cute little tikes car.

Yard sale finds at everyday jenny.com


I was excited about yard sales this weekend because we finally had some nice weather. The last few weeks had been lacking because of rain but there was quite a few this Saturday.

One of my favorite things to hit up are fundraiser yard sales because that means lots more people and lots more things to choose from. There are usually two types of fundraiser sales, one where people donate items and other people sell them, or like the one I went to on Saturday, a fundraiser where everyone is selling their own stuff. I prefer the former, because typically you will get better prices when people sell donated items because they aren’t attached to them. When someone is selling their favorite dress that doesn’t fit anymore they tend to ask more than someone who is selling some old dress someone donated.

A good tip is to search your local online ads, Craigslist for example ( I use ksl.com classifieds, a Utah website) for fundraiser sales. I typically search for “fundraiser”, “multi-family”, “neighborhood”, or “community”. These are going to have the most items to choose from. Most everyone will advertise their sale as “huge” or “biggest yard sale” and you show up and its tiny.  So going with group sales is usually a better bet.

Here are a couple of the deals I picked up this weekend. I found a cute pair of Nike shoes for $2 bucks that looked like they had hardly been worn. I don’t usually buy shoes from sales, but really these look like were worn once or twice so they will make some great Zumba shoes.  I got a 2 gallon water dispenser for $1, an antique milk can for $10 and some cute baby girl clothes for 50 cents each.  The milk can was a random item, but they usually sell for more, so I may flip it. I really like vintage-y, different items.  I also like to buy things that I can enjoy for a little while and then if I don’t like it or they don’t work out with my decor, I can turn around and sell it for either what I paid or a profit.YardSaleSaturdayMay31

I had been looking for a large basket to put the kids shoes in and found one for $5, and this cute little Mickey Mouse soap dispenser for 50 cents for the kids bathroom.YardSaleSaturdayMay30I also found some dvd’s for 50 cents each (Madagascar & Thomas the Train), a Halloween wreath for 50 cents that I think I will rework, and an Igloo water cooler for $1 to use for camping. It was a pretty fun Saturday!



We had a few good finds this weekend. For the little guy he loved this little bike with training wheels and a helmet for $5. He actually spotted it himself. He’s a pretty good little deal finder. I usually give him a few dollars so when we go to sales he can pick out a couple of things. I usually have to check before he makes his purchases because he tends to pick out the same toys. He’s good at negotiations and somehow convinces most people to sell him his tiny finds for one whole quarter. Lets just say we have a lot of bouncy balls at our house. 😉

Yard sale finds at everyday jenny.com

I picked up this cute 20″X20″ canvas for the playroom for $2. Yard sale finds at everyday jenny.com

This was one thing I was really excited about. An Ikea storage cabinet with baskets for only $15! That’s a steal since each basket usually costs around that. I had to pounce on it because I saw someone headed toward it so I immediately asked the seller how much it was and bought it. I actually had a similar one from Target that wasn’t as nice that I had purchased used for $10 and was able to sell for $20.

A good yard sale tip is that when you see something you like make sure you grab it especially if you want to think about it. Otherwise someone else might end up picking it up and you may realize you actually did want it. Also, make sure to ask about things you are interested in right up front instead of waiting or again you might miss a deal.

Found this Ikea shelf for $15. Other yard sale finds at everyday jenny.com


This weekend was the Daybreak yard sale, which is a super huge community yard sale. Hundreds of residents participate each year and it is one of the best places to find great deals from everything from furniture, to decor, to clothes. This year the forecast was rain which did seem to make the turn out less than previous years, but because of the Daybreak HOA rules they can only have a yard sale on the designated day so there was still plenty. I’d estimate that we went to around 40 different sales on Saturday morning (in previous years we probably went to around 75-100).  One of my favorite parts is that we can walk around to the different sales, so we get our exercise in too! Here are just a few of my favorite finds from this year-

This awesome little kid camping chair for only $1. Yardsale Saturday Camping Chair

This cute little ride on toy for the little Miss for $4Yardsale Saturday Minnie airplane A Petunia Picklebottom diaper bag for $5! I know these go for way more and I actually flipped it for $25 less than two hours later after we got home.YardSale Saturday Petunia PicklebottomI also picked up a bunch of cute little boys clothes for cheap, some fun Disney toys, and a couple other miscellaneous items. I always see a bunch of fun stuff (which we don’t need) but I saw a pretty nice looking Kirby vaccuum for $20, lots of darling kids play kitchens, all sorts of dressers (one was a steal at $20), a ping pong table, cute lamps, an awesome chair, and lots of other great finds.

A yard sale tip- If you see something that you know is a steal of a deal but you don’t need it for yourself, consider buying it to resell. I love to buy items and resell them so I can make a little extra cash for other yard sale items I want.