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Father's Day Gift Guide

I always have a  hard time deciding on Father’s Day gifts! Do you have the same problem? I have put together a list of my favorite items that I highly recommend; hopefully you will find something the dad in your life will love!

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I was able to attend opening night of OVO at the Maverick Center and it was amazing! I have never been to a Cirque Du Soleil show before so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I loved the costumes, music and most importantly the awesome performances.  I opted not to bring my little ones, and I’m glad because I don’t think they would have been as entertained as we were because they don’t understand all the talent and skill the performances require. I thought the whole show was very engaging. My husband and I agreed that we loved everything, except for the bugs who acted as clowns to give the other performers time to set up. Sometimes they were funny, but other times you just really wanted the next act to begin.

Here are some of my favorite acts:

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Rumbi Island Grill Sweet Pork

I was able to attend a blogger event in Salt Lake City this past week and try Rumbi Island Grill’s newest menu item, sweet pork! There are three new menu items featuring the sweet pork-a rice bowl, tacos and a salad. I was really excited to try the sweet pork because I already love so many other things at Rumbi.  Continue reading


My family had the opportunity to attend Monster Jam on opening night. I was excited to take my two children, because the last time I had attended was with my husband before they were born. It was a really fun family night watching all the trucks compete.

Some tips if you are attending:

  • Bring some ear plugs for yourself and/or over the ear protection for younger children. It gets really loud in the arena with the huge monster trucks driving around.
  • You will want to wear some layers. The arena is actually pretty cold. Even though I took off my coat at first it got cold fast when they opened some of the entrances to the outside for the trucks and crew
  • At some points during the show there was some smoke from the trucks exhaust that irritated our eyes a little bit.

My two children were pretty excited at first, but they did lose some interest towards the end. I would recommend the show for children ages 5+ but my younger one (2 years) did like it, she just can’t sit for the whole show and had to walk around for a little bit.  All in all it is a fun family night and exciting to see the different trucks and watch the drivers’ skills at maneuvering them.

This was our family’s favorite truck of the night. Look at all those cool spikes!

Monster Jam Truck