These easy and delicious strawberries and cream cupcakes start with a cake mix. The whipped cream frosting is not overly sweet and tastes amazing. A perfect treat for Valentine’s Day or any day!  

Strawberries and cream cupcakes. Whipped cream frosting makes this the perfect dreamy dessert. Easy to make, starts with a cake mix. Recipe at everydayjenny.com

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This easy pistachio cake uses pudding in the mix to make it extra moist. Layered with cinnamon and sugar. Recipe at everydayjenny.com

I love anything pistachio flavored! This moist and delicious pistachio cake has always been one of my favorite cakes that my mom made growing up.  It’s layered in the middle and top with a cinnamon sugar mixture that makes it even better. This is one of the cakes that you will want to make again and again once you try it! And although I love making cakes from scratch, I also love having cake mixes on hand to whip up a cake at the last minute. You don’t have to be a great baker to make this amazing cake, but you will feel like one! Continue reading


This post is sponsored by Cricut as part of their wedding campaign “It’s Your Story, Make It Personal”. I also received a Canon Printer in exchange for my honest opinion. This post contains affiliate links. This means, if you make a purchase through my links, I’ll receive a small portion of your purchase at no extra cost to you.

Its no secret that I love making all kinds of cakes. But what about people who don’t like cake? (gasp!) This donut cake is the perfect alternative! I used my Cricut Explore Air to make the custom cake topper and cute photo cutouts. A tiered cupcake stand was used to hold the donuts and I also used some edible gold spray to give them a slight shimmer.

Donut wedding cake. Pictures and cake topper made using a Cricut machine.

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I made this cake a while ago but realized I hadn’t put the pictures on the blog. When I won a birthday party at the Living Planet Aquarium in Draper, Utah, I couldn’t wait to make a sea-themed cake. My son has always loved Finding Nemo, so I included him on the cake along with some other fun sea creatures- an octopus, crab, shark fin and a stingray. I used marshmallow fondant to cover the cake and make all of the creatures.

If you are thinking about having a party at the Living Planet Aquarium, it is awesome! You get a private party room  and the kids gets to play at Tui’s Playplace, which is a huge playground with slides and things to climb through. The staff were so friendly and the room is already decorated in a cute sea theme. They provide the food (pizza and soda) and the tablecloth and all the plates and utensils. They even clean up everything afterwards. After the party you can go explore the aquarium which has so many neat exhibits and displays. We really loved everything about it. Under the sea fondant cake. Finding Nemo, octopus and crab.

Under the sea fondant cake. Finding Nemo, octopus and crab. Under the sea fondant cake. Finding Nemo, octopus and crab.


This post contains affiliate links. This means, if you make a purchase through my links, I’ll receive a small portion of your purchase at no extra cost to you.

My friend’s little boy turned one on April 1st and she had the cutest idea for a navy and gold party. I loved the idea of combining that with “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”. I had a lot of fun planning out some of the party decor.

First, I drew the cake topper “Twinkle, Twinkle” out with a sharpie on some white paper and took a photo of it with my phone. Then I uploaded it to Cricut Design Space, cleaned up some of the background and was able to cut it out on the Cricut Explore Air.

I thought some stars would be cute for the cupcakes, so I quickly designed a few toppers and also cut some extras for the straws. I’ve been saving some baby food jars forever, knowing that *one* day they would come in handy. I painted the top navy blue with craft paint and used gold adhesive foil cut with the Cricut to add a star. I filled the jars with all sorts of blue candy.

I had the idea of using some Wilton food color gold mist spray for the stars on the cake. I designed a star template on the Cricut and cut it.

I loved how quickly I was able to make custom party decorations that added fun and unique details to the party!Navy and Gold Twinkle Twinkle Little Star First Birthday Party Table

Navy and Gold Twinkle Twinkle Little Star First Birthday Party Cake

Navy and Gold Twinkle Twinkle Little Star First Birthday Party Cake Topper

Navy and Gold Twinkle Twinkle Little Star First Birthday Party Cupcakes

Navy and Gold Twinkle Twinkle Little Star First Birthday Party Cupcakes Up Close

Navy and Gold Twinkle Twinkle Little Star StrawsNavy and Gold Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Treat Jars


People always told me time flies when you have kids. And boy were they ever right. I can’t believe my little girl is two years old! For her birthday I had decided on a gold theme with mint. But then I thought about how much she loves Hello Kitty and so I decided I needed to throw her a Hello Kitty party. I was able to buy all the Hello Kitty stuff as markdowns after Valentines day so that was awesome (see THIS post about saving on party supplies).  I combined it with the other gold stuff I had already been making and the mint, pink and gold Hello Kitty party was born.  It was a fun party to put together and I don’t think I have ever seen so many Hello Kitty presents!

Hello Kitty Party with mint, pink, and gold.

Hello Kitty party with mint, pink and gold

I used THIS whipped cream frosting recipe for the cake. The bottom layer was chocolate with white chocolate frosting and the top layer was strawberry with cheesecake frosting.

Hello Kitty Cake. Whipped cream frosting, two tier cake with ombre petals and a piped Hello Kitty

The gold garland banner in the background was made using large gold confetti pieces that I sewed together. It was easier than I thought it would be and was a quick project. The Hello Kitty heads were actually Valentines, but I used them for the banner instead.

Hello Kitty tissue paper banner details

Hello Kitty Party Hello Kitty Cupcakes The cupcake toppers were made using some wrapping paper I got on sale after Christmas. Hello Kitty Party Pinwheel Cupcakes

I painted mason jars with regular acrylic paint and a sponge brush then used some glitter scotch tape for the top detail. I found the flowers marked down at my local grocery store the day before and just trimmed them and added them to the jars.

Hello Kitty Party Flowers in mint mason jar with gold glitter

I forgot to take more pictures of the food, but we had Korean noodle bowls that were delicious! It’s a crockpot homemade version of a popular food truck around here- Cupbop. I think I will post the recipe soon. Some of the ingredients are a little harder to find, but they are worth it!

Homemade Cupbop noodles. Korean chicken, noodles, rice and sriracha mayo

Hello Kitty Party presentsHello Kitty Party treat bag


Even before I had my little girl I knew I wanted to throw her a pink and gold first birthday party. I love gold and I love sparkles! I wanted to share some of my tips for throwing a party on a budget. I was able to throw this party for under $20 with some careful planning long before!

Pink and Gold Party Table Setting. Awesome tips for throwing a party on a budget.

Pink and gold party. Ombre ruffle pink cake made with whipped cream frosting (recipe at everydayjenny.com). Such a fun cake for a first birthday party.

Scope out yard sales for possible party decor. I love yard sales! I am always on the look out for anything I use for a party. For this one I found all the cake stands at different yard sales throughout the year. If you can’t get to yard sales check out your local thrift stores. The tall crystal cake stand I got for only $2 at a sale! I also purchased the mason jars at a yard sale for $2 for a box of twelve and then spray painted them gold.

Pink and Gold Party Gold Mason Jars Up Close Go to stores after holidays and buy up all the holiday sale stuff! I knew I needed gold for the pink and gold party and Christmas decorations have tons of gold in them. I went to Hobby Lobby a few days after Christmas and everything was marked down 90%. This is where I bought all my gold details!! I got the bows, table runner, gold rope, gold tissue paper and most importantly gold glitter wrapping paper. I think I ended up paying 10 cents for the various gold bows, $1 for the rope, $1 for wrapping paper and $2 for the table runner. I also found a gold bead garland for $1 marked down at Target. Think of other colors you could also use too. I saw blue glitter wrapping paper, red, pink and green. All which could possibly be used for a party. After St. Patricks there are tons of green things on sale, Valentines lots of cute hearts, etc. Think ahead for your upcoming party!  I used the wrapping paper to make my cupcake toppers and to make my ONE banner. I don’t have a machine to cut things out, so I just printed off the letters on my computer and traced them on to the the wrapping paper.

Find out if and when your local grocery or flower store discounts flowers. I am lucky enough to live by a grocery store the regularly marks down their bouquets to only 99 cents. So I was able to buy my flowers for only $3 for the party. I rearranged the bouquets to fit into my mason jars.  I have found that a lot of places mark down their flowers when they are started to wilt a little, but you can usually place them in some fresh water and remove some of the wilty petals or leaves and they will look great the next day. Don’t be afraid to ask when they typically mark things down.

Pink and Gold Party Flowers

Make as many things as you can yourself. I looked at cakes I wanted on Pinterest and decided one I could make myself. I also made the cupcakes for the party. I just had to buy the ice cream. (I just did a simple cake and ice cream party). See if you can trade someone to make a cake for you if you have another skill! The recipe for the whipped cream frosting I used on the cakes and cupcakes can be found here.

Pink and Gold Party Ombre Ruffle Cake

Pink and Gold Party Cupcakes

Resale your party stuff!!  Since I was going to be spray painting jars for the party I decided not waste my gold spray paint and just spray the  extras I had.  I also made extra cup cake toppers with the glitter wrapping paper and extra tissue paper garlands. I sold three of the sets (4 mason jars, 1 tissue paper garland and a dozen cupcake toppers) for $20 each on a local Facebook yard sale group. I also sold the ones I used for the party after I used them. So not only did I get stuff at an awesome discount I was also able to recoup the cost plus more by making a few extra.

Pink and Gold Party Plates Popcorn Pink and Gold Party Plates and UtensilsPink and Gold Party BalloonsPink and Gold Party One Banner

I know that you might not be able to use all these tips to throw your party, but I hope I gave you some ideas on how you can save money and still have an awesome party.

Pink and gold party ideas. I threw this party for my little girl's first birthday. Some ideas for party decor.


I made this fun cake for a birthday party this week. I used three 8 inch pans for her skirt that I carved at the top, a little bit of blue fondant to make the top portion of her dress, and a Wilton 1M tip to make my favorite buttercream rosettes. I had some little sugar beads and sugar crystals I added for some details. It was my first doll cake and I thought it was a pretty fun cake to make.  Disney Elsa cake

Disney Elsa cake, ombre rosettes for a Frozen birthday


Rosette ombre cake with whipped cream frosting that is super easy and delicious. Recipe at everydayjenny.com
This post contains affiliate links. This means, if you make a purchase through my links, I’ll receive a small portion of your purchase at no extra cost to you.

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One of my favorite things to bake is cake. This is my favorite recipe for a light, whipped cream frosting which is a nice change up every so often from sugary, rich buttercream. This recipe is super easy to make, and the best part is you can change up the flavor depending on the type of Jell-O you choose.  I love making a strawberry cake and making the cheesecake version of the whipped frosting. It’s so good! I always get rave reviews whenever someone tries this frosting!
I also love that I can easily pipe designs with it. Buttercream can sometimes be hard to squeeze out of the icing bag, but not only is this easy to decorate with, it holds up beautifully. Rosettes are one my favorite easy designs to use for a cake. I used the Wilton 1M Tip for the rosettes on this 6 inch cake.

One batch of this frosting is perfect to fill and frost a 6 inch cake. Other cakes I frosted with this whipped cream frosting—> HERE and HERERosette ombre cake with whipped cream frosting that is super easy and delicious. Recipe at everydayjenny.com

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We are a Disney loving family so I wasn’t at all surprised when I asked my little guy what kind of party he wanted for his birthday and he said Mickey Mouse! My friend Hillary is the queen of parties and she had actually thrown a Mickey Mouse first birthday party for her son a few years ago and was kind enough to let me use her decorations. I also found free printables here.

I had found a couple of cute Mickey Mouse cakes that I wanted to do and then one day I found a Mickey Mouse shaped pan at the thrift store. I asked my son which cake he wanted and he picked out the Mickey shaped cake, which hadn’t been my first choice but it was his birthday. I baked a chocolate cake and piped starts to make the Mickey Mouse face. It turned out pretty cute.

We enjoyed a BBQ of Costco hotdogs (so yummy) and chips and a pasta salad. The little kids all went crazy for the Mickey Mouse cupcakes which were super easy to make with Oreos.

All in all we had a great time and an awesome party!

Mickey signMickeyjuiceboxesMickey cakeMickey chips and noodlesMickeycupcakes

Mickey Mouse pinataMickeyhotdogsMickey Mouse Party